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An osprey.There's nothing so moving as the sight of a bald eagle soaring thousands of feet overhead. You feel in harmony with nature just crossing paths with a doe and her fawn gracefully and expertly trekking through the forest. But wildlife doesn't just lift your spirits. Healthy and abundant wildlife also proves environmental health, and what's good for the environment is good for people as well.

You'll find few places better suited to wildlife, whether for its own sake or for your solicitude, than Virginia's state parks. The well cared for habitat is as healthy as it beautiful. It's perfect for man and beast alike. Enjoy seeing bald eagles at Caledon, raptors at Kiptopeke, wild ponies at Grayson Highland or... the list goes on and on. Just take care to give wildlife space. It's called "wild" for a reason. And, while you're a guest at the park, it's home to the plants and animals there.

Parks are managed with wildlife in mind. That's why some areas may look as if they should be mowed, some trees are removed and areas are sometimes burned back. Look for park staff or signs to explain the wildlife habitat being done.

Get a taste of each park's wildlife by visiting the park's page and selecting "Other info." You'll find a WildObs widget there.