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Find parks matching your amenity choices.Biking is great fun, and it's good for you. It increases cardiovascular fitness, balance, strength and stamina. And it's a great stress reliever, especially in the great outdoors while you're breathing clean, fresh, country air. You can get to places on a bike, especially a mountain bike, where cars can't go. Biking also helps the environment; bikes are efficient, cause no pollution, and require a lot less energy and materials to manufacture than does a car. You even feel more like part of the environment when you're on a bike.

Thirty-one parks offer biking opportunities and the experience varies with the park. Highlights include:

Whatever your reasons for biking, you'd be hard-pressed to find better and safer places to bike than Virginia State Parks. Get off the highway and visit a park near you for some pedaling your way.

All state parks with camping facilities will make an area available for touring bicyclists campers when regular campsites are sold out. Reservations are recommended and guarantee a full-featured site, but bicyclists will not be turned away when campgrounds are full. Click here for the official policy.