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False Cape State Park
4001 Sandpiper Road, Virginia Beach VA 23456
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Wash Woods Environmental Educational Center
Date: 01/01/2014   To  12/31/2014
Time: 9:00 a.m.   To  4:00 p.m.
Location: Meet at Little Island City Park for transport into False Cape
Description: The Wash Woods Environmental Education Center offers a unique environment for students to engage in a variety of educational experiences.  False Cape State Park is rich in ecological diversity.  This pristine barrier spit location allows visitors to examine a relatively undisturbed coastal environment, including shoreline, dune, interdunal swale, and maritime oak-pine forest and marsh habitats.  The Center overlooks Back Bay providing a beautiful, pristine atmosphere to begin exploration of the natural world.

EEC Cost per Night:
School Groups:
$200.00 + Tax $12.00 =   $212.00
Non-School Groups:
$300.00 + Tax $18.00 =   $318.00
Day Use Fee:  
School Groups:
$60.00 + Tax $3.00 =   $63.00
Non-School Groups:
$100.00 + Tax $5.00 =   $105.00
Round Trip Bus Transportation:
School Groups:   $36.00 round trip/$18.00 one way 
Non-School Groups:  $48.00 round trip/$24.00 one way
Additional Equipment Transportation:  $18.00 per hour in park. 
Terra Gator (Beach Transporter):
School Groups: $100.00
Non-School Groups: $160.00

Program:  $75.00          
Kayak Rental in conjunction with Education Program: 
$10.00 + Tax $0.60= $10.60/hr per boat + $75.00/program fee
Equipment Rental:  $25.00 + Tax $1.50 = $26.50
Discovery Boxes for Your Backyard Classroom

Extra Event Fee: Yes
Children Allowed: Yes