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Grafton Ponds Natural Area Preserve
© Gary P. Fleming

Grafton Ponds Natural Area Preserve


Grafton Ponds represents Virginia's best remaining example of a coastal plain pond complex. The many ponds here were formed by dissolution of the underlying calcareous marine deposits of the Yorktown Formation. This wetland complex supports several rare plants and animals for Virginia including Harper's fimbristylis (Fimbristylis perpusilla), pond spice (Litsea_aestivalis), Mabee's salamander (Ambystoma mabeei) and barking treefrog (Hyla gratiosa).

This preserve is owned by the City of Newport News and the area is open for visitation.

Please contact Newport News Parks for access information at (757) 886-7912.

Newport News
375 acres
Chesapeake Bay Regional Steward. (This position is currently vacant; please contact Regional Supervisor Rebecca Wilson at 804-720-4295 or Stewardship Manager Rick Myers at 804-371-6204 for additional Chesapeake Bay Region preserve information.)
Department of Conservation and Recreation,
Division of Natural Heritage
Richmond, VA