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The Virginia Cave Board: The First Fifty Years (1966-2015)

Established by the Virginia Cave Protection Act , the Virginia Cave Board advises private individuals, organizations and public agencies on cave and karst related matters, provides cave management expertise, prepares and presents educational material, identifies significant caves, and recommends conservation and preservation measures for cave resources within the Commonwealth. Board members include an array of educators, geologists, biologists, engineers, professors, conservationists, cave owners, and, of course, cavers appointed by the Governor.

Inside of a cave

Virginia is rich in cave and karstland resources with over 4000 known caves. The Virginia Cave Board was established to conserve and protect caves and karstlands of the commonwealth and advocate the wise use of these resources.

Click here to read a paper by Thomas Lera, former Chairman of the Cave Board, The Virginia Cave Board: The First Fifty Years (1966 - 2015), which summarizes the efforts of the Cave Board over the last fifty years.

You are invited to attend general meetings of the Board, held at various locations in Virginia at least three times a year. You can also contact the Board by writing or calling:

Virginia Cave Board
Virginia Division of Natural Heritage
Department of Conservation and Recreation
600 East Main Street, 24th Floor
Richmond, VA 23219
phone: (804) 786-7951
fax: (804) 371-2674

Next meeting: TBA

Location: TBA

For members: A repository of links to useful resources, such as travel guidance, FOIA, conflict of interest, etc.

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