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A New Flora for the Commonwealth

flora of Virginia logoThe Flora of Virginia Project was created in 2001, charged with creation of a new flora for Virginia, the first since Flora Virginica, published in the mid-1700s. Also in 2001 the Division of Natural Heritage of the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation signed a memorandum of agreement with the Flora Project providing such support as involvement of its chief biologist and other staff, office space, and administrative support.

The Flora of Virginia was published in November 2012 by the Flora Project, with DCR as its key partner. It describes nearly 3,200 plant species native to or naturalized in Virginia. Other features include:

  • 1,400 original illustrations aiding in plant identification.
  • image of Flora of VA book
  • Keys for plant identification.
  • "Plant Discovery and Documentation in Virginia," a chapter on the history of botanical exploration in Virginia.
  • "The Nature of the Virginia Flora," a chapter that clarifies the ways in which geology, climate, and biology together create the rich, complex plant life in the state, with fine color photography illustrating key habitat types.
  • "Learning the Virginia Flora: 50 Sites for Productive Field Botany," a brief guide to some of Virginia's botanizing hot spots.

For more information about the Flora and the Flora Project, and for ordering information, please visit floraofvirginia.org. And visit and like the Flora of Virginia Project on Facebook