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Goshen Pass Natural Area Preserve

Goshen Pass Natural Area Preserve


Goshen Pass is Virginia's oldest state-managed natural area. Located in Rockbridge County, about 10 miles north of Lexington, the Commonwealth first acquired the property in 1954 to help protect the spectacular views of the 3.7-mile long gorge along the Maury River. More recently a number of biological treasures were discovered on the property. Among them are outstanding examples of chestnut oak forest, pine-oak-heath woodland, rocky riverside scrub communities, a state-rare damselfly called the Appalachian jewelwing, and several rare plants. The preserve, which encompasses the southwest face of the gorge, was dedicated as a State Natural Area Preserve in 2001.

Public access facilities include a parking area and a hiking trail, which links to trails in the Goshen-Little North Mountain Wildlife Management Area. Please contact: the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (DGIF), Verona Field Office (540) 248-9360. DGIF maintains the parking lot and swinging bridge that allows access to the preserve.

A preserve guide factsheet and map are available to assist in planning your visit.

936 acres
Ryan Klopf, Mountain Region Steward,
Department of Conservation & Recreation
Division of Natural Heritage
(540) 265-5234.