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Invasive Alien Plant Species of Virginia

The entire list of invasive alien plant species of Virginia is available on-line as a .PDF file. This is an advisory list published by the Department of Conservation & Recreation (VDCR) to inform land managers of potential risks associated with certain plant species known to exhibit invasive behavior in some situations. This list details light and moisture requirements, habitat regions, and degree of invasiveness for Virginia's most troublesome invaders. The species are ranked as highly invasive, moderately invasive or occasionally invasive. It should be noted the list is not regulatory in nature, and thus does not prohibit the use of the listed plant species.

The Virginia DCR Invasive Alien Plant Species of Virginia list includes species that threaten, or are likely to threaten, natural heritage resources. It does not represent a complete list of non-native plant species within the state. New species arrive regularly in Virginia. Some of these species escape cultivation or are introduced accidentally and become naturalized in the landscape. Only a small percent of new introductions present a threat, in which case they are considered invasive. New species are evaluated regularly and, if information indicates they are invasive, they are added to the list.

You may also wish to consult local sources of information. For example, the City of Alexandria maintains a list of troublesome non-native plants in the northern Virginia region, which can be found at

The report Ranking Invasive Exotic Plant Species in Virginia provides results of a three-part study of invasive plants. The study included literature review, multivariate analysis, and an analysis of data collected from 2,000 vegetation plots located across the state.

You will need the free Adobe Acrobat reader to access these documents.