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Tools land conservation organizations, land trusts and conservancies provide

Sample conservation easement language
The language used in conservation easements is crucial in establishing long-term protection of property and continuation of the uses and attributed that constitute the land's conservation value. These examples of possible easement terms are presented with that in mind to further land conservation in Virginia.

Each land conservation organization, trust and conservancy in Virginia provides a range of tools and assistance. For specifics, contact the organization of interest listed in land conservation organizations, land trusts and conservancies in Virginia.

In addition to the individual land conservation groups in Virginia, there are several organizations that provide generic information for landowners, land trusts, conservation organizations and others interested in land conservation. Tools and information, among others, are provided on:

  • sample easement language
  • model ordinances
  • standards and practices
  • software data tracking packages
  • appraisals
  • fund-raising and
  • starting a land trust

Here are some organizations and web addresses that should prove useful.