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Virginia Naturally

Window into a Green Virginia

This curriculum addresses Virginia’s Science SOL’s with emphasis on 6.9 – Resources, and includes cross references to other Mathematics and Social Studies SOLs. Students are invited to peer through metaphorical Windows on the World to examine key dimensions of developing sustainable communities.

Each of the Windows is a stand-alone unit with which a teacher can help cover SOL 6.9. Plus, the curriculum culminates with an optional practical classroom exercise that integrates principles and insights from all seven Windows. Each of the Windows addresses SOL 6.9 with scientific content, case studies and current examples, policy analysis, teaching activities, and linkages to sources of enrichment. The goal is to present a sound, balanced, and integrated exploration of the sustainable management of natural resources to help Virginia’s sixth graders develop into reasoned and informed citizens and leaders.

Environmental Windows

Structure of Each Window

  • Introduction, Objectives, SOLs
  • Key Terms/Concepts, Supplies Needed
  • Student Information Sheet
  • Teacher Content Section
  • Classroom Activities
  • Enrichment
  • Assessment
  • References