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Virginia Naturally

Virginia Resource Use Education Council

Virginia Resource Use Education Council

Who is the VRUEC?

In 1952 Virginia's state and federal natural resource and education agencies, and colleges of education and resource management, came together as the Virginia Resource Use Education Council (VRUEC). For more than 50 years, the VRUEC has sponsored conservation courses for teachers and trained hundreds of community educators about Virginia's natural resources. Today, the VRUEC continues to embrace new ideas and projects to benefit the educators and students of Virginia. View the VRUEC by-laws and membership policy.

A subcommittee of the VRUEC is the Virginia Interagency Education Workgroup (VIEW). The Council's VIEW members are tasked with coordinating Virginia's Chesapeake Bay Education Implementation Plan. In addition to VRUEC members, VIEW includes representatives from:

  • Virginia Science Educational Leadership Association
  • Virginia Association of Science Teachers
  • Chesapeake Bay Foundation
  • Virginia Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom
  • Representative teachers

VRUEC Member Agencies



Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services

no active member

Department of Conservation and Recreation

Mike Foreman
Carol Zokaites

Department of Education

Barbara Young, Eric Rhodes

Department of Environmental Quality

Ann RegnCo-Treasurer
Virginia Witmer

Department of Forestry

Lisa Deaton
Ellen Powell

Department of Game & Inland Fisheries

Suzie GilleyCo-Treasurer

Department of Health


Department of Historic Resources

Dee DeRoche

Department of Mines, Minerals & Energy

No active member

Department of Transportation

No active member

Science Museum of Virginia

R. Eugene Maurakis

National Park Service/Shenandoah National Park

Tim Taglauer

Conservation Biology Institute - Smithsonian

 No active member

State Arboretum of Virginia & Blandy Experimental Farm

Candace Lutzow-Felling,

Virginia Association of Soil & Water Conservation Districts

Beth Sokolik, Secretary
Stephanie DeNicola-Turner

Virginia Commonwealth University

Dr. Anne Wright

Virginia Institute of Marine Science

Carol Hopper Brill
Sarah McGuire Nuss, Membership Chair

Virginia Marine Resources Commission


Virginia Museum of Natural History

Dennis Casey, Ph. D.

Virginia Tech

Beth Hawse

Virginia Master Naturalist Program, Virginia Tech

Alycia Crall

Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Bill Portlock
Cindy Duncan

Claytor Nature Study Center, Lynchburg College

Dr. Greg Eaton, Chair

Danville Science Center, Science Museum of Virginia

Sonya Wolen

Longwood University


Joe Baust

Mary Baldwin College

Dr. Tamra Willis

NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office

Andrew Larkin

Clean Waterways of Virginia

Katie Register

Meeting Minutes/Agency Reports

In 2000, to support former Governor Gilmore's Virginia Naturally education initiative, the council adopted the following resolution:


The Virginia Resource-Use Education Council (VRUEC) was established in 1952 to promote a better understanding of conservation education throughout the Commonwealth; and

The VRUEC has a long standing record of coordinating the educational efforts of Virginia's resource agencies and educational institutions on behalf of the Commonwealth citizens; and

The VRUEC since 1955 has produced educational resources to inform Virginians of the importance of our Natural Resources; and

The VRUEC subscribes to the following principles:

  • That the natural resources of the state and nation should be used wisely and with due consideration for the future;
  • That the wise use of these resources should be the concern of government at the local, state, and national levels;
  • That all people benefit from the natural resources of the state and nation: hence, they have citizenship responsibility in the safeguarding and judicious utilization of these resources; and,
  • That all citizens, public or private groups, charged with the management of natural resources or education or both, have added responsibilities in promoting understanding of conservation needs problems and ways to resolve them.

The Honorable Governor James S. Gilmore asked the VRUEC to:

  • Coordinate the development and consistent delivery of environmental education programs in the Commonwealth of Virginia by linking current environmental education efforts to creative, innovative approaches;
  • Nurture and promote alternative methods of reaching and educating our citizens from all sectors of the public; and,
  • Promote sustained life-long learning and professional development based on Virginia's academic standards.

Let it be resolved that: The VRUEC fully supports and will spearhead Governor Gilmore's Virginia Naturally 2000 Initiative on this date, January 31, 2000.