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Resources for Schools

Recognition programs

Resources for improving school grounds or environmental management

  • Outdoor Classrooms
    Resources from Virginia Naturally partners and state agencies. Outdoor classrooms help to peak the interest of students in the world around them and the importance of wildlife and natural resource conservation.
  • PLT's Green Schools
    PLT’s GreenSchools! program, in partnership with the US Forest Service, and the Corporation for National and Community Service, provides a blueprint for educators, students, environmental and health advocates, school board members, parents and interested community members to teach, learn, and engage together in creating a more green and healthy learning environment at their school. It combines environmental education, service learning, and leadership opportunities for students to help turn their school into a model green school.
  • Environmental Virtual Campus
    MIT has developed this "Environmental Virtual Campus" ("EVC") to assist students, staff, and researchers with campus environmental management practices, including both regulatory compliance and non-regulatory "green" environmental practices.
  • Eco-Schools USA
    Eco-Schools provides a framework to help educators integrate sustainable principles throughout their schools and curriculum. There are over 60 registered Eco-Schools in Virginia.