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Community Education

Community Educaton includes information and resources for citizens, homeowners and businesses.
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Air Pollution & Environmental Quality Resources

The air we breathe is directly impacted by daily living choices such as how we travel, where our energy comes from, and actions in our own backyards. While air quality has improved dramatically since passage of the Clean Air Act in 1970, there continue to be health and environmental consequences of poor air quality such as asthma and acid rain. Follow resources below to learn more about air pollution and actions you can take to improve air quality.

Coastal, Ocean & Marine Education Resources

Virginia's coastal region has significant resources that are interconnected with its people, wildlife, landscape, and economy. The challenges of managing the intersection people, land resources and shoreline is immense.

Energy Conservation

Energy conservation and renewable energy technologies are important to Virginia's environmental and economic health as well as to the health of Virginians. Learn how to conserve energy at home and in the community.

Landscaping & Backyard Conservation

People participate with surrounding habitat whether in an urban core, suburbs, or rural countryside. Learn landscaping practices that can improve habitat for wildlife and personal enjoyment of the places you live.

Natural Families

In the United States and internationally, a vibrant children-and-nature movement is helping parents, grandparents and caregivers reconnect children with nature. Here's one way your family can get directly involved: create a family nature club.

Public Health and the Environment for Local Communities

TheĀ EPA website features dozens of projects that local communities can do to help make the air cleaner and healthier to breathe. The website also features activities for reducing both indoor and outdoor pollution, including diesel engine retrofit programs, improving air quality in local schools, and pollution prevention options for small businesses. These projects have a successful track record; they were previously put into action by state and local governments across the country. This site includes information about the costs to establish and maintain each project, and how local communities can apply for EPA grants to kick-start their activities.

Waste Reduction

Reduce and recycle! Follow these links to learn how litter affects your community and how recycling can save energy.

Water Conservation

Follow these links to learn how you can conserve water at home and improve water quality in your community.

What's your ecological footprint?

Find out the amount of nature (acres) needed to support your lifestyle.

What's Your Recipe?

Green alternative recipes for household cleaning, maintenance and personal care.

Get the Facts on Virginia's Environment

Fact sheets from the Department of Environmental Quality on various environmental topics.