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80th Anniversary Geocache Adventure

Geocaching 2016

Geocache game logoOn June 15, 1936, Virginia opened an entire park system of six parks at once. Since then, parks have been places where guests enjoy some of Virginia's finest natural, historical and scenic treasures.

This year's geocache adventure focuses on the state park system's 80th birthday and honors the National Park System's centennial.

How does it work?

Log cache visits on as you would any other find. If you don’t have one, create an account at the Virginia State Parks Adventures page and log finds to get prizes for completing 5, 10, 20 and all parks. You may log Trail Quest entries at the same time. There's even a bonus prize for visiting Tabb Monument.

If you're new to geocaching, visit this site to learn all about it. And if you don't have a GPS unit, no problem. All parks rent them for a nominal fee. (Park offices and visitor centers are open on a limited basis so call ahead if you plan to rent a unit.)

Here is a full list of the this adventure's caches. While you're on the park's game cache site, be sure to select the "nearby caches" option to pick up a few extra finds while you are there.

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