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Geocache Civil War Adventure

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Geocaching 2015

This year’s Virginia State Parks Geocache Adventure allows you to explore multiple facets of the Civil War in Virginia. The story emerges as you visit each park and find each geocache – a story of survival, freedom and endurance; of changing lives and changing roles; of overcoming adversity; of dreams realized and hearts broken. These stories are written in every community across Virginia's landscape.

Download this brochure to learn more about the adventure and get all cache locations now.

How does it work?

If you're new to geocaching, visit to learn all about it. Create a user account to keep track of the caches you find. You'll need to register on the site to claim this adventure's prizes, which start with your fifth geocaching adventure cache. Next, get a list of all park caches. Select a park to visit, download the coordinates to your GPS unit, print out any relevant hints and instructions, and you're ready to go. After your geocache hunt, return to the website to log your find.

If you don't have a GPS unit, no problem. All parks rent GPS units for a nominal fee. (Park offices and visitor centers are open on a limited basis so call ahead if you plan to rent a unit.)

Seasoned geocachers already know the drill. Here is a full list of the caches and pick the parks you plan to visit. While you are on the park's game cache site, be sure to select the "nearby caches" option to pick up a few extra finds while you are there. Log your cache visits on just like any other cache. Also log your finds at the Virginia State Parks Adventures page for prizes when you complete 5, 10, 20 and all parks. You can log your Trail Quest participation at the same time.

Learn more about geocaching in Virginia State Parks.