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Find parks matching your amenity choices. It's no wonder hiking is among the most popular activities in our parks. It's inexpensive, keeps you fit, improves health, strengthens bones and keeps the pounds off. Also, hiking is typically low-impact so you needn't be in tip-top shape to take part. It works your entire body as well as your mind by reducing stress and improving sleep quality. Plus you escape the crowds, breathe fresh air, enjoy wildlife and take in the stunning scenery that only Virginia can offer. More than 160 miles of the park system's 626 miles of trails are reserved for hiking, and hiking is allowed on more than 397 miles of multi-use trails. Detailed GIS-based maps of park trails are available online, too.

You can even earn rewards by taking part in Virginia State Parks' Trail Quest. Earn attractive hiking stick pins for visiting the parks you love anyway.

Trail at Pocahontas SP.Park trails accommodate other activities including biking, mountain biking and horseback riding, and many parks have universally accessible trails. Learn about a particular park's trails by visiting the park page and finding "Trails" under the "Recreation" menu item at the left of the page, and each park's webpage links to its trail guide. Plus, you can use our amenity search tool to find a nearby trail that suits your needs. View slideshows of each park's trails by visiting this website.

Virginia State Park trail guides are meant to provide an overview of each park's trail system. For more detailed maps and specific trail information:

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To accommodate touring bicyclists, we have a policy to make a camping area available at any state park that has camping facilities when sites are sold out. Reservations are recommended and guarantee a real, full-featured site, bicyclists will not be turned away when campgrounds are full. Click here for the official policy.

Virginia State Parks Trails
Type of Trail Number Mileage
Hiking 189 164
Biking/Mountain Biking 18 35
Equestrian 8 15
Hiking/Biking 129 138
Hiking/Equestrian 3 3
Hiking/Biking/Equestrian 73 256
Rail Trail 4 96
Connector19 29
Interpretive 20 27
Accessible16 12

Dedicated Equestrian Trails
Park Number Mileage
Grayson Highlands 3 6
Sky Meadows 3 3
York River 2 6

Dedicated Biking Trails
Park Number Mileage
Grayson Highlands 1 3
High Bridge 1 2
Pocahontas 9 19
York River 7 11

Multiple Use Trails
Park Number Mileage
Bear Creek Lake 1 16
Belle Isle10 9
Chippokes 2 9
Fairy Stone4 8
Grayson Highlands1 1
High Bridge 1 31
Holliday Lake 2 12
James River 11 14
Lake Anna 7 11
New River Trail1 55
Occoneechee 4 16
Pocahontas 4 23
Powhatan 4 6
Shenandoah River6 12
Sky Meadows 3 3
Staunton River7 19
Wilderness Road 1 8
York River 4 3

Hiking-Biking Trails
Park Number Mileage
Belle Isle 2 .25
Caledon 5 6
Chippokes 3 4
Douthat 25 39
Fairy Stone1 2
False Cape 18 14
First Landing 5 7
Grayson Highlands 2 2
Holliday Lake 1 .4
Hungry Mother 10 18
James River 4 3
Kiptopeke 8 5
Lake Anna 1 1
Leesylvania 1 .4
Mason Neck 1 3
Natural Tunnel4 4
Occoneechee 1 1
Pocahontas 16 13
Powhatan 5 .5
Shenandoah River 11 12
Twin Lakes 1 .4
Westmoreland 2 2
York River 1 1

Rail Trails
Park Mileage
High Bridge Trail 31
New River Trail 55
Staunton River Battlefield 1
Wilderness Road 9

Dedicated Hiking Trails
Park Number Mileage
Bear Creek Lake1121
Claytor Lake95
Fairy Stone75
False Cape43
First Landing912
Grayson Highlands1015
Holliday Lake1014
James River30.5
Lake Anna43
Mason Neck65
Sailor's Creek83
Sky Meadows1013
Smith Mountain Lake1716
Staunton River30.8
Staunton R. Battlefield12
SW Virginia Museum10.1
Twin Lakes76
Wilderness Road11
York River33

Parks with handicapped accessible trails include Bear Creek Lake, Belle Isle, Chippokes, Claytor Lake, First Landing, James River, Lake Anna, Leesylvania, Southwest Virginia Museum, Natural Tunnel, New River Trail, Pocahontas, and Westmoreland.

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