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The Civil War and Virginia State Parks

Civil War re-enactment at Sailor's Creek.Virginia has some of the most expensive land in the United States – it was purchased with the blood and lives of Americans during the four years of the Civil War. Virginia saw more battles than any other state and paid a steep price, both on the field of battle and on the home front.

Over the next year and a half, as the nation commemorates the sesquicentennial of the end of the Civil War and the liberation of 3.9 million enslaved Americans, Virginia State Parks are a natural choice to learn about Virginia’s role in the war, and the impact of the war on Virginia.

Six state parks annually commemorate the anniversary of their site's involvement in the war:

While these sites each saw battles, engagements or encampments, there is a broader story of the lives of Virginia’s women, men and children, both free and enslaved, during the four years of the war.

It’s a story of survival, freedom and endurance; of changing lives and changing roles; of overcoming diversity; of dreams realized and hearts broken. These stories are written across the landscape of Virginia and in every community.

These stories and more are being told in every state park through programs, encampments and activities now through 2015.

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