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How to request VNRCF match funds

Organizations supporting the implementation of agricultural cost-share practices often request in-kind grant-fund match. Virginia Natural Resources Commitment Funds (VNRCF) are used to satisfy these requests.

Those interested in such match must send DCR a letter with the information detailed below. The letter must be received by DCR at least 10 business days before a "letter of commitment" regarding the funds is wanted from DCR.

The request letter must include:

  • Identification of the grant to be matched.
  • A description of the grant's purpose and the water quality benefits that will result from grant's satisfaction.
  • The amount of in-kind match being requested.
  • The county(ies) or SWCD(s) in which the grant is to be implemented.
  • The timeframe for grant implementation. Because appropriations are made annually, letters of commitment are typically handled one year at a time.
  • The grant manager's name, physical address and email address.

The letter must be sent to:

Agricultural BMP Coordinator
Va. Dept. of Conservation and Recreation
Soil and Water Conservation
600 E. Main St., 24th Floor
Richmond, VA 23219

Upon receipt of the request letter, the coordinator will initiate a review to determine if it meets local and agency water quality goals and is within the amount of funding match available. Within 10 business days, the coordinator will send the applicant an e-mail note, followed by a letter via U.S. mail, explaining whether or not the request has been accepted.

A more detailed description of this process is outlined in an Aug. 14, 2013, letter from DCR's Director of Soil and Water Conservation.