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SWCD Dam Owner Resource for Reference and Training

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ASDSO, Association of State Dam Safety Official
DDSC, District Dam Safety Consultant
EAP, Emergency Action Plan
eVa, Commonwealth of Virginia on-line Purchasing
NIGP, National Institute of Governmental Purchasing Codes
NOAA, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NOIRA, Notice of Intended Regulatory Action
NRCS, Natural Resources Conservation Service
PE, Professional Engineer
VLWA, Virginia Lakes and Watershed Association

  1. Links to Useful Dam Safety Websites
    1. State Law (Chapter 6 of Title 10.1: Floodplain Protection and Dam Safety)
    2. Notice of Intended Regulatory Action (type "dam" in the search tool box)
    3. DCR Dam Safety and Floodplain Management
    4. National Hurricane Center
    5. IFLOW Data for Virginia

  2. PowerPoint Presentations
    1. Dam Nomenclature, Parts of a Dam
    2. Maintenance - PowerPoint presentation
    3. Emergency Action Planning - PowerPoint presentation
    4. SWCD Dam Safety Workgroup - Developing and Implementing Emergency Action Plans
    5. Tabletop Exercise
    6. NRCS-Assisted Watershed Dams: Overview of NRCS Operation and Maintenance, Inspections and Emergency Action Plans

  3. Basic Federal Program Information
    1. General Information
    2. Pilot Program
    3. PL-534
    4. PL-566
    5. Rehabilitation Program

  4. What documents should be in each dam's file?
    1. Watershed Agreement
    2. Memorandum of Understanding
    3. Easement(s)
    4. Current Emergency Action Plan
    5. Current Operation and Maintenance Application
    6. Current Annual Inspection Report
      1. By the dam owner
      2. By the PE
    7. Current (and all previous) O and M Certificates
    8. Maintenance Log
    9. Site Inspection Log
    10. Landowner Contact Information
    11. Directions to the dam
    12. Time Lines for Inspections
      1. Inspection Schedule (Attached to O and M Certificate)
    13. Easement Change Requests
      1. Upstream Basin
      2. Downstream Basin

  5. Process for Dam Certification
    1. Application procedure recertification
    2. Application procedure PE inspection
    3. Application procedure owner's annual inspection
    4. Who provides what function
    5. Time frames involved
    6. General contact information

  6. Sample Forms in Microsoft Word Format (see the forms section of this website for up-to-date forms)
    1. Operation and Maintenance Application (filled out by DDSC, signed by SWCD)
      1. Standard Form
      2. Appendix Samples
        1. Standard Plunge Pool
        2. Impact Basin
    2. Emergency Action Plan (draft by DDSC, completion and signed by SWCD and Co.)
    3. Annual Inspection Report by PD or Owner (by DDSC)
    4. Dam Rehabilitation Program Entry Forms (completed by SWCD)
      1. Application for Federal Assistance (sf424)
      2. (Project Name) Dam Rehabilitation Application Information
    5. Owner's Annual Inspection (completed by SWCD)
    6. Others as requested

  7. Model - Owners Annual Inspection
    1. Who to invite
    2. How to run it
    3. Who takes the lead
    4. Video Link for Inspections and EAPs

  8. Purchasing
    1. eVa's NIGP codes as related to dam maintenance/construction
    2. Virginia Public Procurement Act

  9. Funding Sources
    1. Grant Opportunities
    2. Legislature
    3. County/Municipality
    4. Landowners
    5. NOAA

  10. Spraying for Vegetation Control
    1. Different chemicals available, with use restrictions
    2. Chemical application requirements
    3. Certifications required/recommended

  11. Upcoming Dam Safety Training
    1. ASDSO
    2. VLWA
    3. DCR (Contact Amanda Pennington at 804-786-0113 for an update of all training offered though private consultants with DCR.)
    4. Private Consultants Offering Training

  12. Frequently asked Questions
    1. Why do I have to cut trees that are not on the dam?

  13. District Legal Representation
    1. Attorney General
    2. Local Commonwealth Attorney

  14. Other
    1. Setting up a Table Top exercize
    2. Staff Gauge Construction