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Recreation Oriented Grants

Grant programs

The Land and Water Conservation Fund Act

This 1965 act established a federal reimbursement program for the acquisition and/or development of public outdoor recreation areas. Since the LWCF began 45 years ago, Virginia has received more than $76 million in Fall trail shot.assistance that has made more than 400 projects possible. The LWCF is a 50-50 percent matching reimbursement program. The grant recipient must be able to fund 100 percent of the project while seeking periodic reimbursements. Learn more about the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

Recreational Trails Program

This is a reimbursement grant program for the creation and maintenance of trails and trail facilities. DCR administers the program, which is funded through the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). Grants may go to registered nonprofit organizations, city governments, county governments or other government entities but must be considered in accord with guidance from the Virginia Recreational Trails Program Advisory Committee. The RTP requires that 30 percent of trail program funds be used for motorized recreational trail uses, 30 percent for non-motorized recreational trails uses, and 40 percent for proposals with the greatest number of compatible recreational purposes and/or those that provide for innovative recreational trail corridor sharing (multiple-use trails). Learn more about Virginia Recreational Trails Program.

Virginia Land Conservation Foundation

The foundation was established to help fund permanent conservation easements and to purchase open spaces and parklands, lands of historic or cultural significance, farmlands and forests, and natural areas. State agencies, local governments, public bodies and registered (tax-exempt) nonprofit groups are eligible to receive matching grants from the foundation. The purpose of the foundation is to provide state funding used to conserve certain categories of special land. Those categories are open spaces and parks, natural areas, historic areas, and farmland and forest preservation. Learn more about the Virginia Land Conservation Foundation.

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