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Presentations About Universal Design for Water Access

Paddling and People with Disabilities - Janet Zeller

Chesapeake Bay Gateways - Bob Campbell and John Davy, National Park Service

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Designing Water Access, Examples from Virginia
People at meeting.- Sleepy Hole Park Access, Suffolk Water Trails - Mike Kelly
- Stumpy Lake Water Access, Virginia Beach - Chris Kennedy
- Kayak Cute, Kerr Reservoir - Scott Murray
- The Watermen’s Museum, Yorktown - David Niebuhr
- Universal Design of Launches and Landings for Carry-down Craft - Janet Zeller, U.S. Forest Service
- 2010 ADA Standards for Water Access Facilities -
Bill Botten, U.S. Access Board

Also visit this site for design guidance on building boat ramps from the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.

Sharing Ideas: Water Trail Lighting Talks

James River Association
James River Association/Envision the James Update:
JRA's Outreach Manager, Justin Doyle, is working diligently, along with JRA’s partners, Chesapeake Conservancy and National Geographic Maps, on Phase II of Envision The James. The focus of Phase II is to develop more detailed plans for the two core Envision The James initiatives: James River Heritage and Recreation Corridor Initiative and James River Wildlife Habitat and Landscape Conservation Initiative. These efforts include supporting regional planning efforts and individual projects that enhance the James River experience. JRA is playing both leadership and supporting roles in numerous projects to advance the James River Heritage and Recreation Corridor Initiative.

JRA continues to promote Envision the James through various outreach efforts. In May and June of 2013, JRA held eight Envision the James Vision partner meetings, which were attended by forty partners working in the watershed. In addition, three public events were held in June and July in the Towns of Buchanan and Scottsville and James City County which featured students on the James River Expedition.

National Geographic Maps is in the early stages redesigning the the Envision the James website.

Justin Doyle
Outreach Manager
James River Association
9 South 12th Street, 4th Floor
Richmond, VA 23219

Gloucester County Blueways
Logo for Gloucester County Blueways.The project—which only took about 18 months to bring to fruition—enlisted the help of various partners in the Gloucester community. Among those involved were Gloucester County Parks, Recreation & Tourism; Bay Country Kayaking; York River Charters; Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries; and various individuals from the Virginia Institute of Marine Science and its Center for Coastal Resources Management. The main goal of the implementation of Gloucester Blueways was to promote ecotourism in the community. The beautiful thing is that the resource was already here waiting for us, we just had to map it, package it, and promote it. Visit this site to learn more about Gloucester Blueways Water Trails. Click here for the water trail maps.

Hilton Snowdon
Tourism Coordinator
Gloucester Parks, Recreation and Tourism
6467 Main Street
Gloucester, VA 23061
(804) - 693-0014
Fax (804) 693-0061

Elizabeth River Project
Learn more about Paradise Creek Park.

Joe Rieger
Deputy Director - Restoration
The Elizabeth River Project
475 Water Street, Suite 103
Portsmouth, Virginia 23704
Direct: 757-392-7133 - New Line
ERP Office: 757-399-7487
Fax: 757-397-8377
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The Nansemond River Preservation Alliance's Suffolk Water Trail
The Suffolk Water Trail project is an exciting new initiative to expand access, and link access sites, water routes, visitor services, and heritage attractions along Suffolk’s waterways. A new ADA kayak launch is under development at Sleepy Hole Park, a map/guide has been published, and local partners are working with the Captain John Smith Chesapeake NHT staff to design and install three informational kiosks at three key sites on the Nansemond.

John Wass
Treasurer and education Co-Chair
PO Box 6090
Suffolk, VA 23433

Mathews Maritime Heritage Trail
To learn more about Mathews Maritime Heritage Trail visit mathewsmaritime.com, mathewsblueways.org and visitmathews.com . Once on the Visit Mathews site, click the Outdoor Adventures page, where you will find a link to the Mathews Maritime Heritage Trail. Also, review this case study.

Janet Loyd
Education Coordinator
497 River Estates Place
Mathews, VA 23109

Virginia Beach Water Access
Want to learn more about different water access sites in and around Virginia Beach? Visit the city's parks and recreation webpage. Also check out the Virginia Beach’s new waterfront park Pleasure House Point.

Barbara Duke
Park Planner
2408 courthouse Drive
Bldg 21 Municipal Center
Virginia Beach, VA 23456

Eastern Shore and the Seaside Water Trail
The Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program developed the 100-mile long Virginia Seaside Water Trail as a series of day-use paddling routes. The Seaside Water Trail runs between the Eastern Shore of Virginia National Wildlife Refuge at Cape Charles and Chincoteague Island. Additional trail segments go through Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge and connect to Assateague National Seashore and the Assateague Canoe Trail. The Seaside Water Trail branches off at Chincoteague Island and ends at the Village of Greenbackville near the Virginia-Maryland state line. Start your journey on the Virginia Seaside Water Trail website.

Laura McKay
Program Manager
Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program
629 East Main Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219

SE Coastal Paddling Trail
Map of SE paddling area.The SE Coastal Paddling Trail is envisioned as a 3000 mile water trail network, spanning four states: Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia. Although numerous public access sites and water trails currently exist in each state, there is currently no interconnected water trail system. Hampton Roads PDC has helped develop an interactive web-based guide serving as web-designer and host, with leverage funds contributed by each state.

Sara Kidd
Senior Regional Planner

James River Park System
People at boat ramp.Attendee Sally Wetzler with the James River Outdoor Coalition shared this photo of their new launch in Richmond. She said for future launches, to consider widening the ramp and narrowing the stairs based on what gets used the most.