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Connecting Our Commen WelthThe Department of Conservation and Recreation can assist with planning statewide or regional conferences and workshops that help build skills, teach safety and environmental ethics, connect advocates, and provide resources for Connecting Our Commonwealth. The level of assistance is determined on a case by case basis and depends upon available staff resources.

Many free or low-cost training opportunities are now available on the Web.

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ADA Workshop for Trail Developers - Fairfax

2008 Governors Conference on Greenways, Blueways and Trails

DCR has sponsored these statewide conferences:

  • Governor's Conference on Greenways and Trails, May 2-4, 1999, Roanoke, Virginia
  • Mid-Atlantic Governors' Conference on Greenways, Blueways Green Infrastructure, September 16-19, 2001, Arlington, Va.
  • The 2005 Governor's Conference on Greenways, Blueways and Trails, May 1-4, 2005, Richmond, Va.
  • The last Governor's Conference on Greenways, Blueways and Trails was held in October 2008 in conjunction with the Virginia Recreation and Park Society's 54th annual Conference and the BikeWalk Virginia/Virginia Trails annual conference. There were over 100 exhibitors, a record number of educational sessions and 1,309 individuals attended.

Some of the presentations from the 2008 conference are available on this Web site.

Legislation and Getting People Walking
This session looked at state and federal regulations that help or hinder trail development and providing safe walking and biking opportunities in Virginia.
Delegate Glenn Oder, Virginia House of Delegates.
Kartik Sribarra, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy.

Economic Benefits of Blueways: Paddling, Fishing and Festivals
This session provided information on the benefits to local and national economies of river-based recreation. Topics will include paddlesport industry trends. A multi-dimensional case study will be presented where outdoor recreation has sparked revitalization efforts in Waynesboro, Va.
Paul Sanford, Director, Stewardship and Public Policy, American Canoe Association.
Randy Rose, Tourism
Development Specialist, Virginia Tourism Corporation. Len Poulin, President, Virginia Fly Fishing Festival

Inside City Hall: Partnering for Trail Development
Get your trails on the ground by mobilizing local resources and staff and putting bicycle and pedestrian commuters on the radar.
Chris Gensic, Parks and Trails Planner, Charlottesville Parks and Recreation.
David J Goodman, RA, AICP, Bicycle and Pedestrian
Programs Manager, Arlington County Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources.
Liz Belcher, Coordinator, Roanoke Valley Greenways.

Trail Developers Forum: Strategic Tools for Influencing Policy
The strategic tools you take away from this session will help you convince policy makers that trails are good for your community.
Daniel K. Slone, Partner, McGuireWoods LLP.
Rupert Cutler, retired founding Executive Director, Virginia's Explore Park.

Health Promotion Through Outdoor Recreation: Health Background and Application Lessons
Learn from specialists in environmental health about the importance of green space and active recreation as components of healthy, wholesome and sustainable communities.
Dr. Arthur Wendel, Medical Officer, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for Environmental Health.
Richard Killingsworth, Director of Strategic Planning and Operations, Nemours Health and Prevention Services.

Trail Developers Forum: Advanced Trail Financing Concepts
This session provided valuable information on financing trails through easements, conservancies and even annual budgets.
Craig Della Penna, Executive Director, Northeast Greenway Solutions.
Sarah Richardson, Land Conservation Coordinator, Va. Department of Conservation and Recreation.
Sarah Weiseger, Safe Routes to Schools Coordinator, Va. Department of Transportation.

Communication Tools to Market Your Blueway
This session covered the basics of designing and publishing blueways maps and guides. The session will highlight successful examples of both traditional paper guides and digital web-based formats.
Rebecca Grow, Executive Director, Mathews County Visitorand Information Center.
Chris DeWitt, AICP, Principle, Vanasse,Hangen, and Brustlin, Inc.
Randy Rose, Tourism Development Specialist, Va. Tourism Corporation.

Crossing Boundaries: The Special Challenges of Multi-Jurisdictional Trails
This session highlighted lessons learned from developingm multi-jurisdictional trails in different geographic regions.
Howard Pardue, Florida Trails Association.
Don Briggs, Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail.
Robert (Bob) E. Richards, CPRP, Greenways and Trails Program Coordinator, Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation.

GIS and GPS for Trail Route Identification in Wildland Settings
Trail route setting in mountainous and forested wilderness settings using GIS-, GPS- and CAD-based technologies for preliminary trail location, inventory and gradient design.
Mike Futrell, GIS Administrator, Draper Aden Associates. Michael LaRoche,Landscape Architect, Draper Aden Associates.

State Funding Support for Trails
This session introduced potential applicants to five grant programs that support livable, walkable communities. Five grant administrators will discuss the basics of their programs.
Sarah Weiseger, AICP, Safe Routes to School Coordinator, Va. Departmentof Transportation.
Synthia Waymack, Grants Administrator, Va.Department of Conservation and Recreation.
Erica Jeter, Enhancements and Scenic Byways Program, Va. Department of Transportation.
Sandra Tanner, Development Specialist, Va. Tourism Corporation.
Tim Pfohl, Grants Program Director, Va. Tobacco Commission.

Water Trail Planning and Management
This session provided an overview and basic introduction to the value and benefits of water trails, tips for effective planning and partnership development, and advice on how to address typical management issues.
David Lange, Rivers and Trail Program Manager, Northeast Region, National Park Service.
Paul Sanford, Director, Stewardship and Public Policy, American Canoe Association.

Water Trail Access Design
This session provided advice on designing water access sites that are both user-friendly and environmentally sound. Topics will include user safety and convenience, as well as techniques for greening access sites using sustainable practices.
Lisa A. Gutierrez, Director, Boating Facilities and Access Planning, Maryland.
Department of Natural Resources. Lillie Gilbert, President, Wild River Outfitters.

Public Trails in Private Developments: The Success of the Braemar Trail, Prince William County
Public trails can exist in private residential communities, and both sides can win when it comes to public trail development.
Patti Pakkala, Planner, Prince William County Park Authority.
Sara Kroll, Senior Land Development Director, Brookfield Homes, Inc.

Managing Long-Distance Trails and Trail Systems
Land managers are challenged by both multipurpose long-distance trails along narrow corridors as well as networks of smaller linking trails on large tracts of land. Hear tips for both types of trails from seasoned trail managers with plenty of timefor specific questions.
Session moderated by Steve Elkinton, Program Leader, National Trails System Program.
Jim Schmid, Trails Manager, National Forests in Florida.
Paul McCray, Operations Director, Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority.

Adaptive Equipment for Universal Access to Trails
Learn about the Universal Access Program in Massachusetts State Parks and the Therapeutic Adventures Program in Charlottesville.
Marcy Marchello, Universal Access Program, Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation.
Mark A. Andrews, M.Ed., Founder, Executive Director, Therapeutic Adventures, Inc.

Trail Developers Forum: Developing Community Trails in the Private Sector
Learn how to collaborate with developers for community health and livability by including community trails in private developments.
Daniel K. Slone, Partner, McGuireWoods LLP.
Doug Cole, Principal, Design Forum.
Jenny Pate, Trail Coordinator, Fairfax County Park Authority.

Marketing Your Trail Through Special Programs
Learn how trails are bringing vitality to communities throughout Virginia through innovative programs and events.
Lorne Field, Education Director, James River Park System.
Karen Cross, Outdoor Division Director, Danville Parks, Recreation and Tourism.
Francesca Conte, Owner, Charlottesville Running Company and Bad to the Bone! Endurance Sports.

Horses and Dollars
Equestrian Tourism is a growing niche in both the horse and tourism industries. Included in this session are an introduction to equestrian tourism, an estimate of its economic impact, a note on positive spin-off effects, and some ideas on how businesses and communities can get started.
Carol Kline, Hospitality and Tourism Administration Program, NC Central University.

Successful Blueway Development Strategies: Three Case Studies
Session describes the experiences of three different organizations in their efforts to develop blueways: their approaches to the problems they faced and the strategies they used to win political, community and financial support.
ScottMartin, Commerce and Leisure Services Director, Franklin County.
Carol Shields and Christina Gordon, Eco-Heritage Tourism Manager, Roanoke River Partners.
John Tippett, Director, Friends of the Rappahannock, Carol Shields, Roanoke River Partners.