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Atlantic Ocean from False Cape State Park
Atlantic Ocean from False Cape State Park

Identification and protection of (scenic) assets is an important component of smart growth and scenic stewardship.
— National Scenic Byways Program

With the diverse and wonderful scenic resources that Virginia has to offer it is imperative to protect them to assure their place in the future. Virginia recognizes the benefits of protecting its scenic resources as exemplified in the General Assembly report, The Impact of Aesthetics on the Economy and Quality of Life in Virginia and its Localities, as well as through DCR's Scenic Rivers, Virginia Byways and Land Conservation programs. There are a number of land conservation mechanisms that provide easements and other tools to conserve and protect lands throughout the Commonwealth that entice visitors and have a lasting appeal for residents.

Quaint towns and rolling landscapes reminiscent of days past add scenic value for Virginia's tourists by providing authentic windows in the Commonwealth's history. Protecting the natural and built scenic landscape is the mission of Scenic Virginia, a non-profit headquartered in Richmond. Members of Scenic Virginia are in the process of developing a scenic inventory of significant views across the state. It is their goal to identify those landscapes that have the most value to Virginian's so that efforts to protect Virginia scenic resources can be initiated protecting them against poor planning and rampant development.

Virginia has world renowned landscapes like the Blue Ridge Parkway, Shenandoah National Park along Skyline Drive and Williamsburg that draw visitors and attract economic vitality to those areas of the state. However, those regions rely heavily on the scenic qualities of the landscape they are in to help attract those visitors. The BRP is the most frequently visited National Park in the country and the protection of its scenic qualities is imperative to maintaining the pleasant traveling experience.

You'll find more information about Virginia's Scenic Resources in Chapter 8 of the Virginia Outdoors Plan.

Following are organizations whose mission includes recognition and protection of scenic resources:

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For more information on the Virginia's Scenic Resources, contact us through Lynn Crump, Environmental Programs Planner, Lynn.Crump@dcr.virginia.gov or (804) 786-5054.