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The Great Valley from the Blue Ridge Parkway Photo credit NPS Blue Ridge Parkway
The Great Valley from the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Photo courtesy of the National Park Service's Blue Ridge Parkway.

Quote from Scenic Virginia

The Commonwealth of Virginia has abundant and diverse visual and scenic resources that entice visitors and have a lasting appeal for residents. From the majestic mountains and tranquil valleys, to the foothills of the Shenandoah, to the Atlantic's coastal white beaches and sand dunes, Virginia is a cornucopia of varied landscapes. Many vistas lure people to explore and visit cultural and historic sites rich in architecture. Quaint towns and rolling landscapes reminiscent of days past add to the scenic value and experiences sought by Virginia's tourists.

Scenic Resources include Scenic Rivers, Scenic Byways and Other Scenic Resources. Virginia's Scenic Rivers Program recognizes exemplary beauty of designated rivers that bisect mountain ranges, farms, woodlands and tidal marshes throughout the state. Virginia's Byway program, in conjunction with the National Byways Program, allows citizens and visitors to traverse the state experiencing the huge array of beautiful, scenic and cultural areas. The world-renowned Chesapeake Bay offers views of working water vessels and watermen, small coastal communities and vast tidal marshes and lowland swamps. Virginia's natural resource richness certainly is reflected in scenic character where the built environment is designed in harmony with nature.

The commonwealth holds its scenic resources in high esteem, as demonstrated in the many sections of the Virginia Code. A 2000 General Assembly report on The Impact of Aesthetics on the Economy and Quality of Life in Virginia and its Localities summarizes the many benefits of protecting and caring for the scenic resources and protecting the views of the state. DCR, in partnership with VDOT and other groups, including but not limited to Scenic Virginia, helps protect the state's scenic resources.

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