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Concepts to consider on the topic of landscape urbanism.


Benedict, Mark A., Allen, Will, and McMahon, Edward T. Advancing Strategic Conservation in the Commonwealth of Virginia: Using a Green Infrastructure Approach to Conserving and Managing the Commonwealth's Natural Areas, Working Landscapes, Open Space, and Other Critical Resources. Washington, D.C., The Conservation Fund, 2004. online at: www.greeninfrastructure.net/virginia

Karen Firehock. Green Infrastructure Curriculum Guide. Green Infrastructure Center. December 31, 2007.

Trust for Public Lands (TPL). Building Green Infrastructure

Power Point Presentations

Clemson University - Slide show of what is urban green infrastructure

Virginia Conservation Lands Needs Assessment
Setting Priorities for Land Conservation, Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, Division of Natural Heritage.

Planning resources

Sustainable Sites Initiative

Virginia Planning Districts

Identifies general planning issues.

Urban and city resources

The Urban Greenspaces Institute works to create great cities-cities where the built and natural environments are inter-woven, not set apart. We promote the integration of urban green infrastructure-parks, trails, streams and wetlands, fish and wildlife habitat, urban forest canopy, and greenspaces-with the built environment.

Strategy for a green city.

Syracuse University brochure.

Focus on effective planting of trees in urban areas and the benefits of trees to these areas. The geographic area of service is the metropolitan area of Washington D.C.

Financing green infrstructure


EPA: Green Infrastructure

Green infrastructure is an approach to wet weather management that is cost-effective, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. Green Infrastructure management approaches and technologies infiltrate, evapotranspire, capture and reuse stormwater to maintain or restore natural hydrologies.

Other projects and research

This document provides a central link to a wide variety of training opportunities, including those of colleges and universities, non-profits, trade organizations, state certification programs, training grants and more. One page fact sheets on each program provide an overview and a link to where additional information can be found. As we become aware of additional relevant training opportunities we shall include them in this catalog. Inclusion in this catalog does not convey EPA endorsement of the quality or content of the program.

Video of Las Angelas green infrastructure effort. Ideas and examples for cities to combine department efforts to achieve green infrastructure planning in an urban setting. (Excellent resource for cities doing GI)

Urban ecology and the landscape

Infrastructure systems dependably deliver diverse products and services. Green infrastructure should include ergonomics, thus delivering social AND environmental services. Ergonomics of the city can expand impact and appeal of green infrastructure.