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Proposed Blueways

Planning District 1

Powell River

Planning District 4

New River Blueway is being as a multi-state blueway in Virginia, North Carolina and West.

Planning District 5

James River Heritage Trail Upper James River Trail
Roanoke River Blueway

Planning District 6

Maury River
Upper South Fork Shenandoah River Blueway.

Planning District 7

Shenandoah Blueway North Fork Shenandoah
Shenandoah Blueway Shenandoah River
Shenandoah Blueway Lower South Fork Shenandoah
Jackson River Blueway

Planning District 9

Rappahannock River from confluence with Jordan River to Fredericksburg.
Hazel River from the confluence with the Hughes River to Remington.
Rapidan River from the Madison County - Orange County line to its confluence with the Rappahannock.
Thornton River from Sperryville to its confluence with the Hazel River.

Planning District 12

Franklin County Blueways Blackwater River
Franklin County Blueways Pigg River

Planning Distrcit 13

Banister River
Brunswick County Blueways Meherrin River
Brunswick County Blueways Nottoway River
Dan River Blueway
Staunton River

Planning District 14

Appomattox River Blueway.

Planning District 15

Planning District 16

Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail Aquia Creek Water Trail
Rappahannock River

Planning District 17

Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail Captain John Smith's Adventures
on the Rappahannock River
Hughlett Point to Dameron Marsh Kayak Trail
Cat Point Creek
Monroe Bay water incorporating James Monroe Birthplace in Westmoreland County.

Planning District 18

Algonquin Trace Water Trail on the York River.
Gloucester water trails.

Planning District 19

Lower Appomattox River Trail, Greenway and Blueway.

Planning District 23

Elizabeth River Water Trail connecting Paradise Creek in Portsmouth
Isle of Wight Blueways are planned on the Pagan River, Jones Creek and Cypress Creek.
Pagan River Historic Blueway Cypress Creek Water Trail
Pagan River Historic Blueway Jones Creek Water Trail
Pagan River Historic Blueway Pagan River Historic Blueway