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Wetland Restoration Catalog


DCR-DNH has developed a catalog of potential wetland restoration sites, within or adjacent to Natural Heritage Conservation Sites. This catalog is intended to guide localities and regulatory agencies to appropriate sites for various conservation purposes including wetland mitigation.

These prior-converted wetland patches occur on a mix of private and public lands and property information has not been referenced. The wetland restoration opportunities have not been field verified. Additional property research and site evaluation will be necessary to determine which areas are suitable candidates for restoration. Nevertheless these sites represent high-probability opportunities to design and implement high-value wetland restoration projects. Because these sites fall within sensitive biological conservation sites, DCR requests coordination for any proposed mitigation actions. Please contact the project review coordinator at 804-371-2708 or


Natural Heritage Conservation sites larger than 500 acres with a biodiversity rank of B1 (outstanding significance), B2 (very high significance) and B3 (high significance) were selected. Chief Biologist, J. Christopher Ludwig, reviewed each conservation site against 2002 Virginia Basemap aerial photography, National Wetland Inventory wetland coverage, and other GIS datasets. Chris has visited many of these sites and used his personal experience, as well as his photo-interpretation skills, to delineate patches of land that appeared to be converted wetlands and also had a high potential for restoration. Polygons were delineated in an ArcView shapefile. In most cases these polygons terminate at the edge of a conservation site even if the converted area seemed to extend over the conservation site boundary.


15 B1, 32 B2, and 75 B3 potential restoration sites were developed. 92 of the 122 sites are located within the coastal zone. Sites range in size from 1.1 acres to 2482.4 acres. A PDF document showing the Potential Wetland Restoration Sites is available online here. You'll need the free Adobe acrobat reader to read and/or download this file (17MG).

photo of wetland before restoration Degraded wetland site overrun with Phragmites.
photo of wetland after restoration Same site 2 years later, after beginning restoration activities.

Contact Information

For additional information, including obtaining a GIS shapefile of the Natural Heritage Wetland Restoration catalog sites, please contact:

Alli Baird, Coastal Zone Locality Liaison
Department of Conservation and Recreation
Division of Natural Heritage
600 E. Main St., 24th Floor
Richmond, VA 23219
Phone: 804-692-0984
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This project was funded in part by the Virginia Coastal Program at the Department of Environmental Quality through Grant #NA06NOS4190241 of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management, under the Coastal Zone Management Act of 1972, as amended.