Search Tips:
All searches are case insensitive.

Use shift-click or ctrl-click for multiple selections in the drop-down boxes. Use ctrl-click to unselect a choice. Reset Query will clear the entire form.

Include punctuation in common names, eg. short-beaked baldrush, Schweinitzii's sedge etc.
If you're unsure of the spelling, partial name searches are allowed: for example, entering 'bald' (without quotes) in the common name field will return 'bald eagle', 'baldwin spikerush' and short-beaked baldrush.

The default search for choosing both a Federal and State Legal Status is OR. This will return a list of resources with EITHER Federal or State legal status. Use "AND" to get resources with BOTH federal and state legal status.

All other combination searches are "AND". For example, Major Group = "BIRDS", "AMPHIBIANS" and State Conservation Status Rank = "S1" will return a list of all S1 amphibians and birds.

On the display page if you wish to print the map, please set your page orientation to Landscape.

Example Searches:

Individual or Group Resource Searches:

Species Query Page:
What birds are Federally endangered?
choose Taxonomic group = Birds and Federal Legal Status = LE

What resources have global rank of G1?
choose Global Conservation Status Rank = G1

What vertebrate species have state legal status?
Choose taxonomic group = "amphibians" "birds" "fish" "mammals" "reptiles" and State legal status = "All"

Geographic Reference Searches:

County Queries Page:
What natural heritage resources are in a county(ies)?
choose desired county(ies)

What are the Federally Endangered Plants in Accomack County?
choose county = Accomack, and Taxonomic Ggroup = 'vascular plants' and Federal legal status = 'LE'

What counties does the Bald eagle occur in?
choose common name = 'bald eagle'

Physiographic Province Query Page:
What physiographic provinces have G1-G3 resources?
choose Global Conservation Status Rank = "G1" "G2" "G3"

Watershed Query Page:
In what watersheds is Carex polymorpha found?
choose Scientifc name = carex polymorpha