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The Virginia ConservationVision models are being developed as part of a collaborative effort between the Department of Conservation and Recreation Division of Natural Heritage (DCR - DNH), the Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program (VA-CZM), the Virginia Land Conservation Foundation, and the Virginia Commonwealth University Center for Environmental Studies to map Green Infrastructure in Virginia.

The Virginia ConservationVision operates as a tool with which to implement green infrastructure planning. "Green infrastructure is strategically planned and managed networks of natural lands, working landscapes and other open spaces that conserve ecosystem values and functions and provide associated benefits to human populations." (http://www.conservationfund.org/what-we-do/strategic-conservation-planning/resources/green-infrastructure-resources).

Green infrastructure planning involves the coordination of "conservation values and actions in concert with land development and growth management" (Benedict, M., Allen, W., and E. McMahon. 2004. Advancing Strategic Conservation in the Commonwealth of Virginia).

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DCR recently produced a video on Green Infrastructure, you can view it here:

This is a video about green infrastructure.

Green Infrastructure Advisory Workgroup

The Green Infrastructure Advisory Workgroup (GIAW) was developed to guide the development of a comprehensive green infrastructure for Virginia. Specifically, the workgroup met to discuss and identify:

  • Issues related to Green Infrastructure that the workgroup feels should be addressed.
  • Datasets, existing or in need of development, pertinent to Green Infrastructure and coastal resource management.
  • Product deliverables, including data and analytical tools needed to assist user's in managing coastal resources.
  • Continued collaboration on conservation and green infrastructure initiatives.

The Green Infrastructure Advisory Workgroup (GIAW) was formed as part of the Department of Conservation and Recreation Division of Natural Heritage's FY 04 Task 93.06 Green GIS Grant with the DEQ Coastal Management Program. The GIAW was formed to represent Coastal Partner and statewide interests and expertise in the development of the Coastal Zone and statewide Green Infrastructure. The GIAW was composed of a variety of experts selected from Federal, State, Local, Private and Academic sectors. The GIAW functioned as an oversight committee and sub-technical committees were developed for each model developed as part of the Virginia ConservationVision.

Each meeting including guest speakers presenting on a variety of related topics and updates of the Virginia ConservationVision modeling process and breakout topic led discussion sessions. Workgroup findings were compiled into a technical report that was submitted to the DEQ Coastal Management Program. Click here for the Green Infrastructure Advisory Workgroup Technical Findings Report.

For information on the Green Infrastructure Advisory Workgroup, please contact Jason Bulluck at jason.bulluck@dcr.virginia.gov or 804-786-3375.

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LandScope provides Virginia ConservationVision models in an interactive map, to explore in the context of many other state, regional and national conservation priorities and reference maps. Virginia DCR-Natural Heritage is an active partner with NatureServe and other partners in the development and maintenance of Landscope Virginia, Landscope Chesapeake and LandScope America.

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