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The Natural Communities of Virginia
Classification of Ecological Community Groups

Second Approximation (Version 2.7)
Information current as of February, 2016

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Low-Elevation Dry and Dry- Mesic Forests and Woodlands

Ecological community groups with distributions centered below 1,070 m (3,500 ft) elevation and representing xerophytic to submesophytic forest and woodland vegetation. A few community types of the Montane Mixed Oak and Oak-Hickory Forests, Oak / Heath Forests, and Pine - Oak / Heath Woodlands extend significantly into the high-elevation zone (> 1,070 m), but are retained in this Class because of their compositional similarity to other members of these groups.

photo of oak forest with wild sarsaparilla
Gary P. Fleming

Dry-Mesic Calcareous Forests

Basic Oak - Hickory Forests

Acidic Oak - Hickory Forests

Montane Mixed Oak and Oak - Hickory Forests

Oak / Heath Forests

Eastern White Pine - Hardwood Forests

Piedmont / Coastal Plain Oak - Beech / Heath Forests

Carolina Hemlock Forests

Pine - Oak / Heath Woodlands

Mountain / Piedmont Acidic Woodlands

Mountain / Piedmont Basic Woodlands

Montane Dry Calcareous Forests and Woodlands

Coastal Plain Dry Calcareous Forests and Woodlands

Oak - Hickory Woodlands and Savannas

Piedmont Hardpan Forests

Low-Elevation Boulderfield Forests