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Locality Assistance Program for Natural Heritage Conservation

Locality Assistance Program for Natural Heritage Conservation

Locality Assistance Program Tools and Services

photo of Red-cockaded woodpecker
Red-cockaded woodpecker
illustration © Megan Rollins
  • Initial meeting with DCR-NH staff to include power point presentation outlining DCR-NH program, with detailed information about inventory (highlighting species documented or likely to occur in locality), data management and environmental review process
  • Natural Heritage Conservation Site data subscription in digital format and/or access to Natural Heritage Data Explorer website (data license agreement required)
  • Virginia ConservationVision data available digitally or via Land Conservation Data Explorer website
  • Natural Heritage Wetland Restoration Catalog of potential wetland restoration sites.
  • Training to provide explanations of NH data, NH Data Explorer, and other NH tools.
  • Detailed evaluation of current natural heritage resource records for the locality, with a commitment for more thorough quality enhancement - e.g. identifying potential habitats, screening out historic records no longer likely to be present, identifying hot spots, developing specific management responses for likely occurrences, and identifying/assessing potential conflicts
  • Recommendations for protection at the conservation site level
  • Inventory work, customized for each locality to determine the likelihood of natural heritage resource occurrences within the county (fee charged for this service)

  • Recommended language for the locality's comprehensive plan and other key planning documents, such as PDR and TDR programs, overlay districts, etc.
  • Guidance for establishment of locality policies to incorporate natural heritage resources data into routine project review and approval, including access to DCR-NH review for key projects
  • On-going support from DCR-NH staff with Locality Liaison serving as primary point of contact, including follow-up meetings to discuss issues or concerns that may arise

photo of VA Least trilliumVirginia Least-trillium
Illustration © Ali Wieboldt