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Thank you for your order. Proceeds from sales of factsheets benefit the Natural Area Preservation Fund, which supports the purchase and management of outstanding natural areas in Virginia.

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Natural Area Protection

Native Plants for Conservation, Restoration and Landscaping

___Natural Area Dedication

___Coastal Plain (brochure)

___Natural Area Management Agreements

___Piedmont Plateau (brochure)

___Natural Area Registry

___Mountains (brochure)


___Riparian Forest Buffers (brochure)


___Grasslands (brochure)



Natural Area Stewardship Invasive Alien Plant Species of Virginia

___Ecological Management

___List of Invasive Alien Plant Species

___Fire and Natural Areas

___Battling an Invasive Plant Species (brochure)

___Managing Invasive Plant Species in Natural Areas, Parks, and Small Woodlands

Natural Heritage Resources


___Conserving Endangered Species (brochure)


Natural Communities

___Asiatic sand sedge

___Barrier Beaches - No longer in print

___Autumn Olive & Russian Olive

___Sea-level Fens

___Bush Honeysuckle

___Tidal Freshwater Marshes - No longer in print

___Canada thistle


___Chinese lespedeza

___Baldcypress - Water Tupelo Swamps

___Chinese privet

___Turkey Oak Sandhills

___Common reed

___Seasonal Ponds

___Crown vetch

___Groundwater Seepage Wetlands

___Eurasian water-milfoil

___Conserving Natural Communities

___Garlic mustard

Animal Species

___Giant reed

___Rare Beach Nesting Birds


___Rare Marsh Nesting Birds - No longer in print

___Japanese honeysuckle

___Rare Odonates

___Japanese stilt grass

___Migratory Songbird Habitat - No longer in print

___Johnson grass

Plant Species


___Sensitive joint-vetch


___Spreading pogonia

___Multiflora rose

___Purple pitcher plant

___Oriental bittersweet

___Swamp pink

___Parrot's feather

___Virginia Sneezeweed - No longer in print

___Porcelain berry

___Purple loosestrife

Canoe Trail Guides (brochures)

___Spotted knapweed

___Altons Creek - North Landing River Natural Area Preserve

___Tall fescue

___Pocaty Creek - North Landing River Natural Area Preserve


___Weeping love grass

___Natural Heritage Twelve Year Report 1986-1998 (booklet)

___Winged burning bush