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Dam Safety

Unless specifically excluded, all dams in Virginia are regulated. More than 2,900 dams are regulated here.

DCR's dam safety staff works to ensure that dams are properly and safely designed, built, operated and maintained. Dams in Virginia are classified according to their hazard potential - high, significant or low. Classification of a dam can change depending on how the dam's failure may lead to the loss of life and property downstream.

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Floodplain Management

Floods are the most common natural disaster. Each year, about 200 Americans die because of floods, and flood damage throughout the nation exceeds $3 billion.

In 1987, after several disastrous floods and coastal storms, Virginia's floodplain management programs were transferred from the Water Control Board to DCR. In particular, DCR manages coordination of the National Flood Insurance Program and works with localities to establish and enforce floodplain zoning.

Floodplain Management News