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The Board of Conservation and Recreation's (BCR) membership and duties were reorganized because of legislation passed in 2003. Responsibilities of the Board on Conservation and Development of Public Beaches and the Virginia State Park Foundation were transferred to BCR. In 2012, responsibilities of the Virginia Scenic River Board were transferred to the BCR. The board has 12 member appointed by the governor. Click here for a roster of current board members.

Powers and Duties

The Code of Virginia grants the following powers and duties to the board:

  • Advise DCR's director on State Park master plans and substantial amendments
  • Review requests for grants or loans pertaining to outdoor recreation and trail development
  • Conduct fund-raising activities for the State Parks Projects Fund and advise DCR's director on expending those funds
  • Review designations proposed for scenic rivers, scenic highways and Virginia byways
  • Advise the governor and director regarding protection of the Virginia Scenic River System.
  • Help DCR as requested in duties and responsibilities pertaining to the DCR's programs

Officers and Meetings

The board elects a chairman and a vice chairman. DCR's director or designee serves as the board's executive secretary. The board meets at least three times a year as called upon by the chairman or DCR's director. Click here for a list of upcoming meetings.

Upcoming meetings

Next meeting: Spring 2016. Date and location to be determined.

Meeting notices and records of previous meetings can be found on the Virginia Regulatory Town Hall website.

Member Resources

Resources for board members - FOIA, travel regulations, open meetings, etc.